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Thanksgiving Day Meeting With the Cowboys

Raiders Take on Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium

By Barbara Mason

Thursday afternoon Raider fans will be piling their plates with all the scrumptious goodies that go along with Thanksgiving Day.  Those same fans will more than likely plan their meal around the 1:30 meeting between the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys.  There has long been the thoughts that the tryptophan in turkey has been associated with drowsiness and hopes are that the play of the Oakland Raiders will counteract the fatigue rathe than exacerbate  it.

One of the compelling stories surrounding this game will be the appearance of linebacker Martez Wilson who was a member of the Oakland Raiders just over a week ago and now plays for Dallas.   Wilson is more than ready to show Oakland just why letting him go was a mistake.  ”I know they’d seen my talent,” he said. He may be bitter because he was released but in three games with Oakland he didn’t make a single tackle and that wouldn’t sit well with any team.  He was also released from the New Orleans Saints so Thursday’s performance may be something to pay attention to.

Dallas is favored by 9 1/2 points but we have all seen what an overconfident Dallas is capable of.  Yes they beat the Giants last week, but just barely 24-21.  New York has been struggling all season and a win against them is hardly earth-shattering.

Both teams face short weeks however Dallas will not have to deal with a road trip as does Oakland.   The team normally would have four days to prepare but the short week will give them just a couple.  ”It’s going to be hard,” said Rod Streater, “but we just have to be pros and realize that we have a game in two days.”  There is a multitude of talent on the Cowboy’s team headed by quarterback Tony Romo, always a threat, and the explosive running back DeMarco Murray.  Their defense has been questionable at times and the Raider defense has been pretty solid all year.  They need to put a lot of pressure on Romo early and disrupt any sense of rhythm he may get into, and they have to put the stops on the running game of Murray while keeping close watch on receivers Dez Bryant and and Jason Witten.

This will be the third career start for Raider quarterback Matt McGloin.  There is just something about this kid that is so promising.  He has a great arm and made some really nice accurate throws in last Sunday’s game against the Titans.  His receivers really play hard for him and he seems to read the field pretty well.  He is confident for someone who has very little experience and is improving all the time.  In two games he has thrown 4 touchdowns to 4 different receivers with only one interception.  Dallas’ DE DeMarcus Ware plans to make life very miserable for McGloin and has to be contained.

Anyway you look at it Dallas possesses a multitude of threats on both sides of the ball.  The Raiders will have their hands full but they have weapons of their own that could make this a very competitive game.  It’s hard to even predict the outcome of this game.  The Oakland Raider’s do face more challenges with their lightly tested quarterback as well as being on the road for this game.  The Raider Nation would of course disagree with me and perhaps the magnitude of being on national TV on a national holiday will put the ball in the Raider’s court.


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