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Vegas To Host Mayweather McGregor Brawl

Vegas To Host Mayweather McGregor Brawl

IMG_5763 By Barbara Mason

The Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight could be described as the biggest event to hit Vegas this year.  It is a fight that has taken on a life of it’s own.  Mayweather taking on a MMA fighter seems to be more of a misprint than a real fight.  How can this be?  Mayweather has to be an absolute favorite and the question is will this fight even go the distance?

Both of these athletes had been hinting, throwing out the idea that possibly an encounter was in the cards.  Now that idea is reality and have a lot of people scratching their heads.

It was just recently that McGregor got his boxing license in California and in Nevada.  This is quite a big deal for a fighter that has never boxed professionally or as an amateur for that matter.   The Irishman has burst into mixed martial arts and become a superstar.  His boxing experience does not exist, however, he enter the fight as the younger opponent at 27 years old.  He also sports a two-inch edge in reach at 74″ to Mayweather’s 72″.  Mayweather will be 40 years of age at the time of this fight.

Will this fight be an absolute mismatch?  Many are of the opinion that it will. Mayweather can adjust to whatever is thrown at him when he enters the ring.  His footwork is second to none and he has the ability to move about the ring like a much younger man.  Will the 23-month layoff or the bizarre and outlandish opponent he is facing challenge Mayweather in any way?  With his uncanny ability to adjust in any situation that answer would be a resounding not a chance.

The UFC president Dana White has four reasons to dispute the dominance that Mayweather may have over his opponent MGregor.  He has started hyping the upcoming super-fight.  He claimed that the boxing-rules will not be a problem for the Irishman.  He has stated that “Conor McGegor is huge.”  He also said that he is in the prime of his career and only 27 years old.  Furthermore McGregor is a southpaw and that could create problems for Mayweather according to While.  ”McGregor hits hard. When he hits people , they get knocked out,” he said.

IMG_5760While it is true that McGregor does have a size advantage, he will have to control the distance since he has a longer reach and that will be important in his ability to control the fight.  Against Mayweather that will be a very real challenge.  Yes, it is true that Conor is at the peak of his career, one has to remember that Mayweather became a defensive master in the 2000′s and is able to adjust throughout fights.  The southpaw issue seems to be bogus since Mayweather won the fights in which he encountered southpaws so some of White’s claims seem to fall flat.

The mixed martial arts world has not seen such a ferocious cross counter punch as demonstrated time and time again by McGregor.  His punches are devastating.  Unfortunately for McGregor, however,  Mayweather has the ability to defend against his opponents weapons.  He can take the big punches and recover should McGregor  find the fortune to land one.

In less than three weeks the world will know if the seasoned professional will have his way with the MMA celeb.  Until then both fighters will continue on with their pre-fight banter exchanging the usual and customary insults, all a part of the excitement and hype that precedes fights of this magnitude.  It will be an event full of the glamour and glitz that accompanies any monster event that finds it’s way to “Sin City!”USP NBA: CLEVELAND CAVALIERS AT PHOENIX SUNS S BKN USA AZ

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