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Is There A Doctor In the House?–Raiders drop 3 In a Row

Is There A Doctor In the House?–Raiders drop 3 In a Row

By Barbara Masonweb 1

It’s such a stark contrast to the way this season began.  In games one and two the Oakland Raiders looked like a very real contender in the NFL.  They looked like they could take on any team in the league bar none.  The way this team has turned around has been striking and not in a good way.  It is inexplicable!  It’s like a disease that has spread out of the blue and is out of control.  There is no rhyme or reason with no diagnosis and most importantly at this time no cure.  You cannot even point any fingers because all are accountable from top to bottom-from coaching staff to players.  The cohesive unit we all saw as the season got underway has collapsed and the result is positively shocking.lynch web 4

It all seemed to unravel in the Washington game and has continued to escalate much like an out of control forest fire.  The decline has grown more and more serious as injuries begin to mount, the most serious the recent back injury to quarterback Derek Carr.  Carr has improved at a rate that was not expected and that is some good news amidst the chaos.

The loss to Denver in a game that was frankly pretty sloppy was a real let-down considering the Raiders had the opportunity to take the lead in the final two minutes.

Marquette King continues to be a bright spot on this team although he has had his moments.  He has lots of company thats for sure.  Everyone has stumbled on this team and the search is on for the answers.emanuel web 5

The one thing that we do not want to happen is to have Carr back on board trying to to take too much on his shoulders.  It has to be a team effort and each and every players need to handle his portion of the load.  It’s not a one-man show!

Sunday’s game was a crucial one for not only the Raiders but the Baltimore Ravens as well.  Both teams came into this game with 2-2 records and neither one of them wanted to walk away with a 2-3.  Oakland dug themselves into a deep hole early in the first quarter trailing 14-0 in what seemed to be a blink of the eye leaving the packed coliseum shell-shocked.  The first possession was a Baltimore score for the early 7-0 lead.   The ensuing Raider possession resulted in a fumble deep in their own territory that was scooped up and returned for a Raven touchdown.  Just like that 14-0 Ravens.

When the 3rd quarter of this game came to a close the Raiders had a window of opportunity.  They trailed by a single touchdown.  Time to step up-time to execute -time to prove that you really wanted to win this game.

Oakland failed to contain the Ravens on several crucial 3rd downs in the 4th quarter that could have turned this game in a different direction; a direction that would have favored the Raiders.

It was not to be as the Oakland defense continued to be manhandled by the Ravens offense running helter skelter all over them leaving many a Raider fan scratching their heads as their team dropped a third game in a row  30-17.

It doesn’t get any easier for Oakland as they look ahead to a meeting with Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers next Sunday.  The Chargers have been troublesome for the Raiders in years past.  Why is hard to put your finger on but residing in the same division probably has a lot to do with it.  Division rivalry always seems to bring  out the best in both of the teams competing.  We need to see the best of the Oakland Raiders next Sunday.King web 2

The icing on the cake is that four days later the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs come into town on a Thursday night.  A monster mountain facing this team.  It is certain that there is  a lot of work going on in Alameda this week.  Oakland will take it one challenge at a time in the hopes of edging their way back into the position that they started the season with.  Where there is life, there is hope and hopes are high that the Oakland Raiders have what it takes to put themselves back into contention as the season wears on.









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