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Blue Angels AREAGRANDE “Fleet Week in San Francisco”

Blue Angels AREAGRANDE “Fleet Week in San Francisco”


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fotos: Kandy Ibañez y Jesús Ibañez

The Air Show

At 12:00 p.m. the “warm-up” show begins, which is worth watching as well: great stunt flying with a variety of aircraft, trailing colored smoke. Doing loops above the Bay, hanging in mid-air stalls, flying straight up, falling like a stone, spinning dives and pulling out at the last second just above the water.

Last year, in 2016, two more fighter-plane groups performed during the show as well. That was a first for Fleet Week in SF; extra exciting! One of those, the Patriots Jet Team, will be back again this year.

The new additions for 2017 are the US Navy Parachute Team, a demo of the Canadian fighter jet’s performance, and some amazing flying by the Canadian Snowbirds stunt team.

Then punctually at 3 p.m. come the Blue Angels: flying in low over the Golden GateBridge, then dividing up to amaze the crowd, swooping and diving in tight formations, wingtips almost touching. The scariest part: two solo pilots flying straight at each other at incredible speeds, and flipping sideways or one one above the other at the last millisecond. You can feel the roar of the engines through your whole body!



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